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Episode 4: BodyguardEpisode 5Episode 6
Episode 7Episode 8Episode 9
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Full Body ArmamentHardy BuddyHayato Kisaragi
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My PlayerNoa SheldonReitia Saint-Émilion
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SlayerSouffle ClearrailTABOOLESS
Vitaly TynyanovVolume 1: Valiant AwakeningVolume 2: Diva of Love Song
Volume 3: Red Queen and Thorn PrincessVolume 4: Gardens CrisisWarslarn HQ arc
Xue-Mei LiuZwei Island
File:(Hundred) Opening 1File:BLOODRED.oggFile:BLOODRED cover 1.jpg
File:BLOODRED cover 2.jpgFile:Cover 1.jpgFile:Cover 10.jpg
File:Cover 11.jpgFile:Cover 2.jpgFile:Cover 3.jpg
File:Cover 4.jpgFile:Cover 5.jpgFile:Cover 6.jpg
File:Cover 7.jpgFile:Cover 8.jpgFile:Cover 9.jpg
File:EYES ON ME.oggFile:Example.jpgFile:FIREWORKS.ogg
File:HayatoManga.jpgFile:Hundred 1 color illustration 1.pngFile:Hundred 1 color illustration 2.png
File:Hundred 1 color illustration 3.pngFile:Hundred 1 color illustration 4.pngFile:Hundred 1 extra 1.png
File:Hundred 1 extra 2.pngFile:Hundred 1 illu1.pngFile:Hundred 1 illu2.png
File:Hundred 1 illu3.pngFile:Hundred 1 illu4.pngFile:Hundred 1 illu5.png
File:Hundred 1 illu6.pngFile:Hundred 1 illu7.pngFile:Hundred 1 illu8.png
File:Itsuka Anata wo.oggFile:PV 1File:PV 2
File:PV Claire Harvey versionFile:PV Emile Crossfode versionFile:PV Hayato Kisaragi version
File:PV Sakura Kirishima versionFile:TABOOLESS.oggFile:Variable Future.ogg

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